My mom asked me for a “formal picture” of my one month old baby, I sent her this.

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14 weeks pregnant with twins

I am currently now. 14 weeks pregnant with twins.

 During weeks 11-13.

11- I got really sick and just felt like doing nothing.

12- . Prenatal Appointment Baby A  bpm- 182 and Baby B  bpm-179 (12 weeks and two days pregnant)

13. I have only wanted to eat PB&J sandwiches and began to feel them move around

Also, No longer wearing any regular clothing all to small.  Belly is completely noticeable 

Reason’s Why I haven’t Blogged in almost a month.

1. I have a life.

2. I have been really sick

3. A tree fell on my power line and I have been out of power

4. Been working on the nursery

5. Planning the wedding

But i’m back now :)


Love this idea.

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